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Time-lapse Sequences from Glacier National Park's Webcams (external site)

The Finished Videos - One Day in Glacier National Park:

How To Create Time-lapse Movies:

Step 1: Use an automated method to save the images.

(for example, the bash script below)

Step 2: Create a movie from the images using Google's Picasa

Step 3: (optional) Slow down movie using...

Step 4: Upload movies to Google Video (external site) YouTube (external site) ...done!

Bash Script that saves webcam images every 5 minutes:

#  ** CAUTION ** This worked back in 2006, URLs might have changed since then.
# This bash script (running on Windows using Cygwin) captured
# 553 images from http://www.nps.gov/glac/webcams/hqcam.htm               
# If you plan on using this code, BE NICE and CONSIDER THE PARK SERVICE'S BANDWIDTH COSTS
# Webcams supported by the Glacier Natural History Assoc. and The Glacier Fund
# SCRIPT PURPOSE: Every 5 minutes, download images for hqcam (headquarters), 
# tmcam (two medicine), and smcam (st.marys).
# The Webcams themselves update no more than once every 5 minutes.

while [  $COUNTER -lt 250 ]; do
	sleep 300 	# in seconds, 5min * 60sec/min = 300sec
	curl --silent http://some.url.here.to.jpg > hqcam.$COUNTER.jpg
	sleep 3
	curl --silent http://some.url.here.to.jpg > tmcam.$COUNTER.jpg
	sleep 3
	curl --silent http://some.url.here.to.jpg > smcam.$COUNTER.jpg
	echo -n The counter is $COUNTER  '   '
Glacier National Park Images are in the Public Domain.
Updated 2012-06-22
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